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Free Fire

Free Fire | GTVWS S53 Esports Qualifiers Group C – Powered by game.tv

Weekly Freefire tournaments worth 5,00,000 INR on CarryMinati’s guild, join now-

Welcome to the live broadcast of GTVWS Season 53 Esports Qualifiers Group C. Witness India’s top Free Fire teams face off in this epic battle.
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Participating Teams:
1) TSG Army ??
a) TSG Legend
b) TSG Vihaan
c) TSG Ritik
d) TSG Ojasvi

2) Survivor 4 AM ??
a) SRV Golden
b) SRV Yash
c) SRV Harsh
d) SRV Alex

3) Team Chaos ??
a) TC Scary
b) TC TechKK
c) TC Likhi
d) TC Xdevine

4) LVL Amaterasu ??
a) LVL Xpoopy
b) LVL Xsoham
c) LVL Xtahir
d) LVL Xnonu

5) AS Gaming ??
a) AS Esports
b) AS Lucky
c) AS Ankit
d) AS Yash

6) Aura Gaming ??
a) AG Godjoker
b) AG Rvkrm
c) AG Killmeeh
d) AG Ansari

7) BFA ??
a) OVS Sultan
b) OVS Maulik
c) OVS Arsalan
d) OVS Lalit

8) Nemesis ??
a) NMS Mrgamer
b) NMS Mindgmr
c) NMS Saitama
d) NMS Uzaif18

9) Not Humans ??
a) NH Shazy07
b) NH Amin07
c) NH Dadycool
d) NH Tsg Abhee

10) Badge 99
a) B99 Ajexe
b) B99 Sagar
c) B99 N1nj4god
d) B99 Kingzdv

11) Absolute TNM ??
a) TNM Danger
b) TNM Karan
c) TNM Saurav
d) TNM President

12) Blind Esports ??
a) BLD N1vesh
b) BLD Bablu
c) BLD G1notra
d) BLD Akashdip

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  1. i have to give feedback regarding the moderator. giving timout unneccesary, litteraly i was spamming (tsg op). then also giving timeout. what is this behivour of mod. and what is the problem???? i am fodup. change the mod or stop unnecessay timeout.

  2. jab lowcash aur as gaming diamond givaway karte hai toh watching 40k + pahuch jaati hai aur esports tournament me 5k ki watching nahi aati jab tg nahi khelti….kaise gadhe hai ye log unn youtubers ko dekhte hai…mai ff khelta nahi kabhi..and i don't like this game. par esports dekhta hu..jab tg khelti hai..entertainment ke liye


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