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HOW TO PLAY THRESH SUPPORT & SOLO CARRY In Season 11 | Thresh Guide S11 – League Of Legends

How to play thresh and solo carry your games in season 11. Advanced thresh guide + Tips and Tricks for league of legends season 11. In-depth gameplay guide on how to play the lane for early game, mid game and late game s11. Also showing my favorite builds, runes and in-game thought process. Theese guides can be applied to any champion in League Of Legends 2021. How To play lol, just keep watching theese videos
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HOW TO PLAY THRESH SUPPORT & SOLO CARRY In Season 11 | Thresh Guide S11 – League Of Legends

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  1. Okay, seriously, why are so many people wasting gold on control wards? They're useless. They get destroyed within 15 seconds, and both wastes your own gold, and feed it to the other team. Thresh already barely have any gold to begin with. Why waste it on max 10 seconds of vision, that also feed the other team gold, when you need actual items to do things?

    I mean,. must look at the one 6 minutes in. Were found fast, and gave Thresh here 30 gold. Doesn't look like a valid use of resources.

  2. 5:40

    I think you should've flay zed then hook right after so he has 0% chance of dodging it since he's on the range of your flay. Just saying man. I'm a 600k thresh main and I play a lot of support champs ? but overall man, you're good ? Thank you so much for the tips and tricks on this video man. Keep safe and god bless you ?

  3. I just wanna say that I really enjoy your videos… (I´m taking a break from playing LoL but there´s always time to learn by watching right?) also what language are you swearing in?? xD
    also also… get better soon 🙂


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