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Tổng hợp tin tức, hướng dẫn, thủ thuật chơi game 3q truyền kỳ, free fire, liên mình huyền thoại, …

Võ Lâm Truyền Kỳ

[JX3/ Độc Cầm] Ma Tuyệt Cầm – Tập 32

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  1. Hey now!! You leave my Liu Feng Yu alone. Just when he had come looking for his baby and husband and spent one night with them. Now a Joker thinks he can come into his body and take over, I don't think so!!!! Qu Shang coming and gonna put a can of whoop ass on him!!!??????????
    This is getting good you guys! I am loving me some 3D Anime. Thank You Tieu Ngu, your the Best. And you don't even need eng sub to no what's going on either. ?????????

  2. WOW what is happening here ? Here Liu feng Yu is reborn and he be come evil person ? Is Qu Shang is helping him fighting evil out of Liu feng Yu body so interesting ? this changge brother helps Liu feng Yu back to his life again ? WOW sorry some many Question but I love Liu feng Yu I wish he come back to his lovely husband and kid ??❤️♥️?thank you for your beautiful lovely wonderful story I getting more and more exciting and my feelings so still love Liu feng Yu and his husband and adorable kid ?♥️❤️???♥️??thank you Tieu Ngu I appreciate your hard work thank you sister love you take care your healthy and be safe ❄️??‍♀️♥️???❤️❤️


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