3Q Truyền Kỳ – Tin tức, hướng dẫn, thủ thuật game #1 VN

Tổng hợp tin tức, hướng dẫn, thủ thuật chơi game 3q truyền kỳ, free fire, liên mình huyền thoại, …

3Q Truyền Kỳ

Leo- ‘Your Love Moves Mountains!’ Love + General March 1st-15th 2021

Instagram: @owlmedicine_

?⚡️For in depth readings below
I am offering question based readings
(Prepaid) – send your payment verification

Same/Day ? Emergency Readings
1Qs = $20.00 Emailed – detailed
24 hour turn around. Full hours from payment!

Video Reading 3 Q = $50.00- detailed
4 full business days!

1Qs = Emailed Response
2Qs = Email “ “

?⛈Mediumship: for deceased loved ones! + Pets. 20.00 per question ??✨

Please email me for availability BEFORE sending money. If I do not have the availability I will have to refund you ❤️


Donations are always welcome ???
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Open To New Indie Decks ?

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?I am a psychic medium, and I read tarot intuitively. I start with a channeled message (without tarot) and move into the card descriptions shortly after. I do not read tarot traditionally. As you all have noticed I channel my messages from spirit??✨

?I specialize in inner child healing, family healing, trauma related healing, self love healing, and shadow work. I hold a B.A. in psychology with the end goal of an MFT in counseling/Child Development/Clinical. I focus my readings as a therapy based session. We dig deep. My readings are not for people who are not ready to step into your power. In order to embrace yourself, you must be willing to work through the darkness first. Keep that In mind before reaching out. I don’t do readings based on fear. My readings are made to help you transform.

I am USUI REIKI I & Angelic Reiki Master Certified/ Crystal Reiki Healing. I add these services to our readings when guided by my angels✨??long distance healing?✨


Ig: Owlmedicine_ (check out my testimonials)?
Email: [email protected]

Price?? 120.00 USD for in-depth readings 50 min (Depending on theme)
All readings are video & description of cards and clairvoyant guidance in depth.

*Disclaimer* by law I must state this is for entertainment purposes only. This is not to replace actual mental health/ medical services. Please be aware I am not responsible for any decisions made based off this reading.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Nguồn: https://3qtruyenky.vn/


  1. OMG you not lying , I been on high, but it's only because of God's mercy grace n Love dealing with my past emotions of healing…but thank u cause I am single n loving it..stalking ugh crazy lol keep watching, sounds about right I'm a risk taker..lol..truths I rather take the pentacle then temporary happiness..

  2. I don't have a fear of commitment, they do. I've been dealing with "The Emperor" for a year but they are in another situation. They are 20 years younger not older, they aren't spiritual in the least & they sure don't have a business of any kind, they rely on us for support. They do have a lot of fear, abandonment issues, so they like to be in control so nothing can hurt them, not exactly one to express their emotions but I know they have them.

  3. Your gordious specially when you stop make cute bunny ??.smile thank you I'm Glade you are getting everything you need in life Namastay****fill like we're sisters I'm very attractive too lol**


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